How to get a Credit Card against Fixed Deposit…

POSTED BY Samad Sheikh ON June 9, 2012 12:31 am COMMENTS (5)

All Jagoinvestors experts…
I do not have a credit card…I want it badly…But as I have lost a job and am unemployed I am not able to get credit card…I want to use it for paypal
To enroll to internet online money making programmes I have to have a credit card…
Some one advised me that Banks give credit card if you open a fixed deposit with them…
Is it true…pls tell the procedure for this,which banks do this and also other ways of getting a credit card…
Pls answer..Thanks

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  1. Manoj says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Building up any credit record would include even Home loan repayment to other FI like LICHFL only loan I availed???

    I have now more the 12 yrs records available with them without a single failure, but same does not find place in CIBIL credit score records.

    A credit rating agency being followed up by FIIs and Banks to extend credit, who are defining an individuals credibility based on FI/ BANK feed back which is not verified. How they can be brought to their notice???

    Are they come under Banking Lokpal / RBI ? How they can be told to verify the realty of the cases they are reporting wrongly???

    Please reply as there must be many such cases where people might be looking for a way out.


  2. Companies offer a credit card on the basis of a FD , its called secured credit card , but the first criteria has to be you being employed , as said by Ashal , how will you pay your dues if you are not having any job ?

    Try to get it , if you are successful , your luck

  3. Dear Samad, even after that SPEAK ASIA fraud, you are going to put your hard earned money – To enroll to internet online money making programmes I have to have a credit card…
    My dear friend, if you are not employed from where you ‘ll pay your credit card dues?
    Please do not fall in to a trap due to your current situation. Search for a job as per your qualification & work experience. Even if the offered salary is a bit lower, accept the offer as of now to overcome the crisis.

    1. Manoj says:

      Manish could you pl clarify one point.

      How to improve credit ratings??

      Suppose some body is suffering for poor credit rating score for any reason. In case he is able to get a credit card and revolves the available credit making transactions and paying without any default,.


      1. For imporving some one credit score and report .

        1. One should have a clean report , If he has any SETTLEMENTS done on previous loan/cc , then he has to pay it off .

        2. If a person has some loan , not paid from long, he should pay it off.

        3. Consistently build credit history by making payment to some kind of credit.


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