How to file Nil Tax returns for an NRI? I am sailor by profession

POSTED BY ankur ON July 27, 2014 1:54 am NO COMMENTS

Dear sir,

I’m a sailor by profession, and during this financial year i.e. 2013-2014 i have stayed more than 182 days outside india (so became a NRI by default). i want to file a nil tax return form, please guide me as i\’m having doubts, while trying to file ITR.

1. which form should i fill itr -1 or 2. i dont have any income besides salary given by my shipping company. my e profile is only showing itr-1 and itr-4s form as options, how to fill other forms in such case

2. i was trying to fill itr-1 but it needs TAN number of company, but mine is a singapore based company and they have provided with salary certificated. They do not have any TAN number. so what should i do in this case.

3. i have gained interest from salary in bank of about 10000 should i have to show this in column D20 in itr -1 (if i have to fill this form)

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