How to complaint against CIBIL

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Hello All,


I would like to put my details:




I got a CIBIL report from  CIBIL two weaks bank through online. There was some discrepencies under one account. I then immediately raised a Dispute request and simultanuiously sent letter to the concerned bank. 




Post 3 days of the letter to bank , I have recieved a reponse that they have updated the data and requested me to verfy with CIBIL. I thought of calling CIBIL and called them up , they told me the account has been deleated from the report. I was surprised to hear that. To confirm again I then called up CIBIL after two days and then the response I got they are waiting from response from the bank. 




When I told them that two days before I got response from CIBIL that the account has been deleated then after that he told me yes the account has been deleated. Then I thought of asking the bank as way the account was deleated as generally the account in CIBIL remains for 7 years if not updated after being closed.




I then sent letter to the bank asking about the update in CIBIL related to the account. After two days I got reponse that the account is already updated and they have even shared wth me the updated data.




I then again called up CIBIL , then they are saying they are waiting for bank response and when I asked about the account delation then they responded that the account has not been deleated.




I basically wanted to say the CIBIL has been misleading me in the report updation and telling me lies which amounts to mental harassment and CIBIL being a very serious issue.




I would like to complain against CIBIL and escalate to the higher management in CIBIL. Since does not go to officer rank / higher management. 




I would like to know how can I escalate and complaint against CIBIL to the higher management or shall I complaint to RBI. I don;t want to go to court as I don;t have recorded data of the conversation I had with the CIBIL executives.




Request if you can help me on this.











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  1. kishor says:

    i ve same problem i will file in a court

  2. drpvmk says:

    CIBIL and credit information act is like a TADA with out any trial.
    You get crucified for life, Just because you do not know what is right or wrong.
    By the time you have detected some thing is wrong it is a past event and your report can not be removed from the CIBIL.

    Credit information act is fine it should have a balance between individuals and credit institutions (Bank), Now it is heavily loaded against individuals.

    Reserve bank is the compliant authority for this act, they are very much interested to protect the banks.

    Think you had credit card, Banks should not have charged more than 12% PA as interest charges, they should have charged a reasonable service charges for delay and other things.

    Your loan on credit card say 10,000 becomes 2 lakhs what you will do you want to settle it but you are caught by the CIBIL report.

    Banks are very very big institutions they can change the rules at their instance, even RBI sways or afraid by their Power.

    As i told banks should not have charged more than 12% rate of interest for loan below 2 lakhs, they are charging more than 40% RBI do not dare to or take against the action.
    If you are using their settlement bait you are finished.

    God save you.

    Raise your voice, complain to RBi even if there is a small descripency by the banks.
    CIBIL and banks can be punished by imprisonment by the act file an FIR

  3. Raju Biswas says:

    Hello Manish,

    The issue is not what you have responded. The issue is:

    a) Bank has updated the errors in CIBIL report and notifies me to verify the updated CIBIL report.

    b) The Dispute request which ever I have raised, informs me that the errors in one of the particulars are correct and verify with bank.

    c) I then contact bank and bank informs and shares with me the updated correct data from CIBIL.

    d) Issue is if CIBIL can share the updated data to bank then why not me.

    e) I then after the bank responded has to purchase CIBIL report online by paying 470/- to see that what the bank has said is correct.

    f) Every time I have called up CIBIL they have told me wrong information and even after the update was done by CIBIL. Wht should CIBIL misguide me where CIBIL report has now a days become very serious issue.

    g) Even companies offering jobs see CIBIL report before recruitment.

    h) Providing wrong information over phone is a serious issue and hence I wanted to complain against the CIBIL to the higher authority within CIBIL.

  4. CIBIL takes time to update things after getting it from bank , thats the reason there might be delay .

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