How to buy bonds directly and how to trade them through Demat account ?

POSTED BY Nikhil ON March 16, 2015 10:56 pm NO COMMENTS


How can we buy govt bonds like “India-5-yr-bond” or “india-30-yr-bond” if I possess a demat account and a MF account ? Pls tell both ways if it can be done via both the accounts ?

Also I came to know that bonds can be treated as stocks as in they can be traded over a stock exchange; how is that done ?

Can you pls also quote some popular bonds in India ? OR is it still a fairly uncharted territory ? I just know about SBIN-N1,N2 bonds (just names) ?

What are N1, N2 etc here ? And it liquidity a big issue in bond market ? If a but 100 1000-rupee bonds then will it be a big problem liquidating all at once ?

Manish: You probably should write an elaborate article about it 🙂


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