how much right 2nd name holder has in a property ???

POSTED BY Gaurav.007 ON September 25, 2012 11:36 am COMMENTS (2)

hello experts,

my friend has a situation.

His dad has passed away n the flat he is stayin in is in his mom’s name now..(he is married and he has a sister who is married as well).. now they are selling of the current flat and buying a new flat which will cost them 1 crore more..they are not taking any loan from bank…son will be managing money from his relatives n all..

now mothers name will be 1st and his name will be 2nd in the agreement..


now suppose something happens to his mother then in who’s name will the property go ..

suppose mother has a nomiee (not her daughter but her daughter in law or son)..then how would the property be divided ??

also if something happens to son..then what would be the scenario..


but basic Q is..if daughters name is not in nomination ..then can she claim her right on the property as she is a legal heir as well..


your feedback would be of great help..thanks

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  1. Gaurav.007 says:

    The original owner of the flat to be sold was FATHER from day one..father passed away so now Mother is the owner..with son as 2nd holder.. n now buying new property with 1 crore additional n still the 1st owner will be mother and 2nd holder son ..

  2. Dear Gaurav, who was the original owner of the flat to be sold? was it father or mother from the day one?

    Please clarify.



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