how much credit should i use?

POSTED BY rajarshi ray ON June 3, 2013 9:37 pm COMMENTS (2)

how much ( 10%, 20%, 30% ) of credit limit should one use? in usa, some say use 10% of your credit card limit, some say 20% – fico ( usa credit / analytics agency ) says use 30%. i have visited the cibil site but have not found any specific number. cibil is totally silent about this.

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  2. Dear Rajarshi, anything below 40% is on safer side, for the fact that in case of an emergency, you can still use a part of unutilized limit. But do remember that you should not cross 80% mark regularly. Yes once in a while for actual need it’s OK. But crossing it on regular basis ‘ll signal that you are credit hungry & rest you know already.



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