How does the EMI calculated while the loan is in partial disburse state?

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Firstly i want to thank you and appreciate. Your website which helped me to gain more knowledge and understanding on Home Loans.
Please let me know how EMI is calculated while the loan is partially disbursement?
Loan Amount Sanctioned 45,58,140.00
Amt Disbursed                  13,25,525.00
Loan Re-Payment Made     09,00,000.00
Amount Outstanding     04,25,525.00
Please let me know how the EMI calculates when loan is disposed partially.
Send me the EMI excel worksheet.
Assume i have started my EMI Rs. 52,525.00
01 month loan disbursed 4,25,525.00
04 month loan disbursed 6,00,000.00
07 month loan disbursed 6,00,000.00
10 month loan disbursed 7,00,000.00
13 month loan disbursed 9,00,000.00
16 month loan disbursed 8,00,000.00
19 month loan disbursed 5,32,615.00
MonthsDisbursedOpening InterestPrincipalClosing
1              425525 425525  3989          48536       376989
2                376989 3534          48991       327998
3           327998   3075          49451       278547
4              600000       878547               8236         44289       834258
Thank you and appreciate your response on this.
– Ram


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ram, NO. Your loan ‘ll not be closed. there ‘ll be positive balance in your loan account and once the builder demands more money, accordingly less actual loan ‘ll be given. so you ‘ll be saving your interest.



  2. vplrama says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thank you appreciate your response.
    EMI comes to 52,525.00 per month on the actual loan amount 45,58,140 for 15 years @ 11.25 interest.

    Assume my outstanding loan is just 2,00,000. The builder delays my next demand letter say by 5 months.
    I have started my EMI.

    Months Disbursed Opening Interest Principal Closing
    1 200000 200000 1875 50650 149350
    2 149350 1400 51125 98224
    3 98224 921 51605 46620
    4 46620 437 52088 -5469

    I will reach my principle loan amount in 4 months.
    What will happen to my loan. Do they close my loan?
    Do we have any other option in my case?

    Thank you

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ram, the EMI basic calculation is fixed as per youyr loan amortization schedule. You may get the same from your bank. the only difference ‘ll be in actual Interest deduction.



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