How could I change SBI Home Loan from Suraksha plan to MAXGAIN plan?

POSTED BY AbhiSinghal ON August 2, 2012 10:51 pm COMMENTS (4)

Recently a month ago, I purchased a home loan from SBI. I opted for SBI maxgain scheme but now when I see Home loan type in my online account details, I found it to be ‘SBI Suraksha HL’ as its description. I don’t have any benefits of maxgain facilities.
When I went to the bank asking for the change, the branch manager says – “Its too late, it could not be changed to Maxgain. All the loan documents have been finalized”.
I cannot really digest this statement.

So my question is – Isn’t there any way to get the home loan changed to Maxgain?? If yes, then how.

Thnks in adv

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  1. AbhiSinghal says:

    I am not 100% sure but as far as I remember, I had written MAXGAIN in application form. Actually, I applied under PAL category(in which the property to be bought is not confirmed) but I dont think it has anything to do with loan type – maxgain or suraksha or else.

    Ashal, could you please tell me how could I now check with bank whether i had written MAXGAIN in application form or not?

    Lets say in worst case, if I had not written anything in the form, then what is the procedure of converting the loan to maxgain type.


    1. Dear Abhi, please contact the RACPC from where your loan was sanctioned.



  2. Dear Abhi, at the time of application, had you told verbally to your bank manager or write the WORD – MAX GAIN in the application form itself.

    If you had written down, there is a clear case of shoddy service. Complain about it to the AGM of your branch.



  3. Didnt you check in start that its being transferrred to MAXGAIN or you just assumed it would be

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