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POSTED BY Abhi B ON April 20, 2013 1:43 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear All,

My Grandfather has a ready flat in Delhi which I am intending to purchase from him ( due to his intention of distributing the proceeds among all his children equally). I will pay him the money by taking loan from my parents which I intend to document and then pay them interest. I know that under sec 24 I can claim interest benefit on home loan from relatives. My parents have no income as of now and I fall in 30% slab. Can you let me know what all documents do I need to give my employer so that I dont end up claiming TDS deducted from my salary. Can anyone advise me on the same. 

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  1. Dear Abhi, a plaij question from my side to you. if I do not have money, how can I loan it to you?

    From employer’s point of view, sorry, no matter how much clear & concrte paper work you prepare but as the loan is not from a financial institution, your employer ‘ll not provide any benefit for TDS at source for you.



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