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POSTED BY chandan blr ON May 7, 2013 4:51 pm COMMENTS (3)


Have few basic questions ( I have got my SBI MAXGAIN loan sanctioned )

What is the difference between Loan Account and Saving account and OverDraft (OD) account ?

To which account will the first loan distrusement made to ?

Will loan account have cheque book and AMT card as S/B account ? – if yes how and when to get them.

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  1. Dear Chandan, please check the following to understand Max Gain better.




    1. chandan blr says:

      Thank you – it heps.

  2. Dear Chandan, the loan account in case of Max Gain is your overdraft account. The SB account is normal saving bank account which you are already having in SBI or opened new one for you if not hold already.

    The Cheque book & ATM card for SB acct. can be obtained immediately but for OD account, you w’d have to wait till final disbursal.



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