Hindu Succession Law and UK legal issue – Please help me

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My Mother bought agriculture land in AP in 1967. Subsequently we bought more neighboring Land, this time in my name. In 1994, my mother died and her share of land was transferred in my brothers name.This was done as per her Will executed in the UK. We are all UK citizens(Only parents were born in India, but were UK citizens as at the time of their death).The Land was legally and successfully re-registered in the two brothers names in 1994.. Although my father was alive at the time of her death, the will specifically left the land in our names Only. Father passed away in 2007.

We are now in the process of selling the land, but the buyers keeps asking for an NOC from my sister, even though she was not a party to the said land. She does not want anything or was expecting from the proceed.

This entails a lot of legal work in the UK and we are wondering if this is really necessary?. She is not a party to this land on paper and does not want to sign anything that she was never a party to.

My question is, Is this really necessary since the land was inherited by the two brothers on the express wish, via a Will by my mother. Or are the buyers just being awkward? They want to personally come to UK and have a document witnessed in their presence thro the Indian Consulate.

Appreciate your response. Thank you, in advance.


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