Help reqd for calculating FV!

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Can somebody help me with formula for Future value of an SIP@10000 for 40 Months then increased to 20000 for next 80 months @ 15 %. With an initial deposit of 60000.



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  1. Mr. Avinash,
    Go to exel, click, fx ( functions), go to financials in the left side of dialouge box that appears, then go to FV on right there will be a dialouge box.
    put values.
    Rate : 0.15/12= 0.013
    PV ; 60000=00
    nper : 40
    pmt; 10000=00
    You will see, at the bottom value at the end of 40 months.
    Take that as PV and repeat the same , You will find the at the end of next 80 months
    It is:4379769=00 🙂

    1. Avinash Borse says:

      Thx Krishna it worked!

  2. Jagadees says:

    Try out the calculators in this page –


    1. Avinash Borse says:

      @Jagdees Thx but i already tried those!

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