Hello Manish

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Hello Manish,
Where are your good friends like Hemant, Dhawal?
they just spreading the words ( what they heard and not what they know). I guess they learnt here, got here and now start own blog.
Dont you have copyright for your material/site design?

Your Follower,

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  1. Jig says:

    Well Manish,
    Really sorry and apologises for the same but my intension was not the same , you gys have understood.
    I was sharing what i found and observed.
    You guys looks already very well aware about what is going on.

    and Ype Ashal, You are right that i should not worry myself first den others.

    Thanks buddy.


    1. Dear Jig, just on the lighter notes from your reply – I should not or should worry….. 🙂 🙂



  2. Jig, such a question (I am sure you would have reasons for asking it) demanded a PM with Manish unless you put it here as a flame bait 😉

  3. Dear Jig. Life is small & so much to learn. In my personal opinion, do not bother for others, just stay focused on your own actions, learning, reading & implementation of all these for your own good first & then for other’s good.

    Every one of us has our own choices. Hemant or Dhawal are available or not on JI is their own choice. Even I took a break of nearly 20 days to be with my family. A lot of friends here in the forum missed me during that period & one of you even posted a query –

    I’m glad & overwhelmed for the love & affection from all of you but do remember at the end of the day all of us do have personal choices.

    Regarding learning here in JI & then doing something elsewhere, is not a bad thing. After all the final outcome is same – helping others to understand their financial life better & to take actions to improve it.



  4. Hi Jig

    Hemant and Dhawal are both close friends and many more 🙂 . I would not like get into any discussion of copyright or “learned here and started a blog” . there is nothing like that .. we all write on some idea which is already somewhere else , but in our own way and in our own language .. The over all idea is not to compete with each other and show who is best and who has more followers 🙂 . Lets create an ecosystem where we can have more and more bloggers and more and more idea’s . So nothing like what you have mentioned 🙂


  5. Dhawal Sharma says:

    Hi JIG,

    Great to see you missing me here 😉

    Need not to worry, me and Manish are still buddies and we speak regularly. He do consult me from time to time on insurance matters and we carry along pretty well..

    I am into Insurance and Investment for last 5 years (Since 2007) and i know my work, very confident of it..So WHAT THEY HEARD and NOT WHAT THEY KNOW does not fit me..You must have seen in lot of articles in JAGOINVESTOR, where MANISH himself has mentioned my comments and inputs..And i am doing this for long-long time on JI..So this sarcasm of yours does not affact me..

    The only reason why i have been abstaining of late is because in most of the articles, people like you who have ONLY HEARD and absolutely ZERO practical expericen of Insurance life are bent on hammering the agent/advisor, and take the comments to the personal level that MANISH himself has to intervene, forced me to be less inclined to comment now..I am as REGULAR reader and follower of Jagoinvestor as you are..

    Writing and sharing my PRACTICAL experiences is one of my hobbies and do it on other blogs as well..You are most welcome to read them or avoid them..But dont use this FORUM to put such silly questions..

    1. Ramesh says:

      I am sure, despite people who oppose you or do not like your comments for one reason or the other, there are a lot of things for which you can provide much better AND practical knowledge.

      I hope you remember “Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam h kehana…”.

      So enjoy your life, spread knowledge, and do not worry about others’.

      Personally, I will like you to post your commments in this forum too.

      Thanks and Regards,

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