Health Insurance Suggestion please!!!

POSTED BY Vikas Vyas ON October 3, 2012 9:45 pm ONE COMMENT

Hello Friends!

What type of insurance should a 40 year old single (no other dependants other than parents) go for please?

Medical expenses are so high these days that it will eat away all the hard earned money built over the years at one stroke.  It is too late to think about insurance now but better late than never.

What are the options? Any suggestions .  Also there is no other regular insurance cover as well.  Should I go for Term Insurance.. or not necessary as there are no dependents?

Thanks a ton!



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  1. Biswa Singh says:

    As you have parents no harm in opting for a term insurance. You can get a good Health Insurance from Max Bupa or whatever you think is better. As you have dependent parents go for a Family flotter plan with top up and critical illness.

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