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POSTED BY waris ON April 28, 2013 10:13 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear friends,

                  I want to buy a health insurance for my parents. My father is 65 and mother is 61. My father has hypertension and he also suffered fromo stroke few years back. He is on medication now.

I am confused between so many policies. Plz advice a good policy.

i came to know that star health covers pre existing condition from 1st year itself whereas others cover only after 2-3 years.


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  1. Dear Waris, the only option left with you is to check the group insurance offered to your father by his bank if any being an account holder.



  2. Try contacting oriental insurance or Star health directly.

  3. Best to consult reg. this.

    My two cents: get individual polices for each parent. Fathers case is more complicated. Medimanage can help in such cases. Very few will agree to insure. Be prepared for hefty premium and high co-pay %

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