Health Insurance for my mother and brother

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Hi – I rather have different type of confusion with health insurance. Below are my questions – can someone please answer them.

Background – I am a bachelor working in an MNC and health insurance wise covered by company policy. (Planning to take additional health cover, very soon). There is provision to cover my mother in the policy and she is covered and she does not have any other cover. But, my brother does not have any health insurance and am looking for good one to cover him – he is into 3rd of his BE course. 

But, the problem is should I take individual policy for brother (who is 23 years old!) or should i take a family floater in my mother’s name and cover him under that policy? Am not sure if 23 year kid can be covered under familty floaters?

The reason I am looking for family floater is my mother was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2008 and she has been operated then under my company’s policy and now, if I quit or join some other company my mother’s pre-existing illness may not be covered!

Can you suggest something here or any other alternatives – am confused!

If you any idea which policy will suite my needs, please suggest. Thanks!  

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  1. healthinsuranceshoppe says:

    Hi beginner,

    You can an insurance policy only if the cancer’s biopsy says “its Benign”

    Check and revert back


  2. Beginner says:

    Hi Free Financial Calculators –

    can you please answer my queries above and confirm if my mother will not get ANY health insurance?


  3. Beginner says:

    Hi – can you please answer these…
    I got in touch with medimanage by posting a query to them. I filled up their form and waited for the call. I was surprised and still not able to understand what he said.

    In case of my mother – since she had been treated for cancer – there is no policy which will ever cover!!!!! He says, ABSOLUTELY no…. is that case? Even if i need to pay higher premium?

    In case of my bother – since he had been treated for TB (when he was like 12 years – i realized this later) – there is no policy which cover except some policy under Oriental… is that case?

    I understand that pre-existing diseases are not either covered or cover after 4 years or so.
    He says, no one will provide cover just because there is medical history!!!

    I was going thru some of the policies available in the market, they have mentioned that pre-existing diseases will be covered only after waiting…

    can you please sort this for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Beginner says:

    Thanks – i will get in touch with medimanage for exact policy details.

  5. Suggest you take an individual policy for your brother. Once he gets a job it is easy for you to shift premium paying duties to him.

    For your mother it will be difficult getting a policy given her past. Whichever one you choose there will be increased premium. Suggest you contact medimanage reg. which policy to choose.

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