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Dear Sir,

Please accept my humble thank you for a great site. May I kindly request you to put me out of my dilemma in choosing a Health Insurance Policy? I am 30, my mother is 52 and my father is 61. Choice No. 1 is Max Bupa – Family first silver where each of us will be covered by 1 lakh each and 3 lakhs floater. The premium quoted is 30K. Choice No. 2 – Star Health where my mother and I are covered for 3 lakh each under Medi classic and my father is covered for 2 lakhs (max) under Senior Citizens red carpet. Premium total 20K approx

Sir, please help in taking an informed decision, I don’t mind paying a high premium but I want peace of mind and a service where my parents can tackle the hurdles if I am not with them. 

Also am I missing some other products which are equally good? Your suggestions in this regard will be helpful.

Regards, an ardent reader but first time writer


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  1. jitendra solanki says:


    Both these policies are good.What you have to consider is the cost of hospital you will ahve to bear and city you are living in.

    If its a small city then Star Health is good.Reason- They have cappings in most of the cost like Room Rent, Doctors and Nursing fee, pre and post hospitalization.Since cost of hospitalization is low in smaller cities,these cappings won’t affect much.

    But if you are in a city like delhi or mumbai, your room rent in hospitals goes to almost 4-5k per day.above that most of the cappings will actually deter you in taking a treatment from any major hospital.Here max Bhupa will be good since it don’t have those cappings.

    You can also consider Apollo Munich whose premium is less and has features similar to Max Bhupa.Also services are very good.

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