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I am looking for a good health insurance policy.

I am mariied. I am 27 year and my wife 25 year. No kid.

I have compared few of the polices of the private company ( Apollo Munic, max bupa etc.), still i am confused to select the best one for me.

I have few questions which i need your assiatance.

1. Is co-pay share still there in the policies?. Please advise me best policies which do not have co-pay share?
2. expense sub-limit – I have seen in few of the polices still there is capping on the some expenses e.g room rent, abulance charge etc. Please advise the best policies which do not have these cappings.
3. Claim ratio – Is it possible to provide me the claim ratio list of the all medeclaim company for the last 2 years? so that i can compare which one to choose.
4. Apart from the private insurace company, please name the best 3 PSU/govt insurance company which i can look for?

Please note i am looking for 3L cover with the premium ranger between ( 5000- 8500 ) per annum.

Please assist me to find the best policy under my limitations.



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  1. Dear Nitin, practically there is no best health insurance policy for everybody. The reason is simple – health insurer are here to do business & their profit comes only when there are more prem. & less claims.

    Instead of fixing a prem. range, first check ion your living are, how many good hospitals are networked with multiple insurers. If possible to you, please do take the responses from these hospitals also for their own experience for claim settlement & specially for cashless one.

    Regarding the claim settlement data, the info is already available on IRDA site. Please check the same.



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