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Hi ,

Forum members, I am stuck with one HDFC BANK savings(SALARY)account issue.

In hyderbad I used to work for a company which had HDFC BANK  salary accounts(Jan 2009) for all its employees .Me too opened an account  by visiting Lakdikapul  br with all company details.

Account got opened and I had worked with that company for an Year and later shifted to some other company.

I have one HDFCBANK CC where I had linked with same user id for both(savings and CC).It was easy for me to pay all CC dues through Linked Savings Account.

Once my salary stopped crediting to that salary account, my account got converted in to savings which I ignored.

Once  500 and odd rupees got deducted  and I ignored ( which was my mistake), I should have approached bank for account closure, later I kept this account zero balance and started paying HDFC CC DUES through  NEFT CC payments option available through ICICIBANK net banking for my HDFC CC.

Later on due to relocation, now I am in Bangalore and joined in a company which has same HDFCBANK savings account. I have been to Vijayanagar branch and checked about my old account and asked them to covert  it to Salary accounts or open new salary account .

To my surprise they said I cannot open salary or savings account , as I have already got customer id and I need to pay all the dues  5500Rs/ on my old savings account .But interesting part of this story is still my savings account is active  with 0.00 rs balance and balance is never  minus 5500 rs

Once dues are paid they may convert it to salary or close it and open new salary account for me.

Later she suggested to call HDFC BANK CUSTOMER CARE and give a online request through phone and ask them to close my account, which  never happened bcos customer care exe asked me visit home br for the same(HYD)

I have HDFC BANK CC with good track record never paid late payments  and my CC has been upgraded thrice with good credit balance and CIBIL score is 821…

Nothing came to my rescue, now I am in affix whether to pay and close the issue , as this may pile up in the future or look for some other bank for salary account….



Naveen Kumar Matta

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  1. vivek sharma says:

    hi i have an hdfc salary account which was open jan 2013 and i did not use after july 2013, after 3 yrs i check that account its showing minus 69000 can you tell me what is going on and if i want to use same account can i start with 0 and can hdfc wave off all this amount.

    1. Seems like the minimum balance penalty charges has got accumulated.

      Check with branch on this .

  2. sam says:

    Charging from customer is worst service of HDFC. How much charges they deduct have any idea?

  3. Pritanshu says:

    I had joined a company in an interim period which I left after 3 months. They opened a hdfc account for me , but I never used that account as I never got any salary from that company. I have never used that account and have never made any transactions. I had changed my city and phone no after job change. Now yesterday when I checked my email hdfc is still sending me statement for that account. When I checked in one of the branch they are saying that I have to pay 5000 non maintenance charges and for closure of that account. Can they charge me anything for a account I have never used??

    1. Its not the usage .

      If you have an active account (means its not closed) . There is always a minimum balance to be kept, which if you fail, you need to pay the charges. So they sound correct to me!

      1. Anand says:

        Yendhira correct nee ayya. If that is the case, they should definitely call to the customer and inform about this. Ofcourse, it may be there in a bunch of welcome kit. Nobody would really read through all those stuff. Do you?

        1. If you talk about what one should do morally and logically, no business would exist 🙂 . Banks are business, if we expect them to tell us everything which saves us money and penalty, the business would not exist.

          Its more of a debate if banks are business or charity !


        2. sidharth says:

          they didnt even mailed me.regardin my acount day just cnverted salary acount to savings…
          they thinks that infroming the customers, wil end in acount closing..
          now iam having 8000 negtv balnce fr unused acount.
          i dont have any burdn to pay my earned money fr an unused servce…

  4. wasimkhan says:

    I Am having Salary account with Hdfc But Not even one month salary had but Debited to that account ,But after opening the account i left that organisation ,and that organisation are using other bank account so that am unable to use the same account.after 2 years i joined to other organisation these organisation is using the hdfc account, i need to connect the account with these organisation , please let me know the same account will help me for future ,and again it will re open.or it will not open

    1. Yes, you can use the same account

    2. ANand says:

      Yes, you can use the same account with your present employer. But the thing is if your salary account doesnt get the credit of salary for 3 consecutive months, it will be converted to regular savings account, which has a requirement of maintaining minimum monthly balance. Otherwise they wil deduct over 600 per month. So, your account may have some negative balance if I m not wrong. Just go to your home branch give a written request for waive off.

  5. Venkat says:


    i was using HDFC account as salary account since feb 2013 and from 2015 march im switched to other company they provided ICICI as my salary account(no other option). but i am still using my HDFC account as saving and maintaining some amount(5-10k) using for general purpose and i want to conti. like this but i got mail as below. Now can i use my HDFC account as general for that what i should i do or what is the minimum balance i need to maintain or i need close my account ?


    This refers to the Corporate Salary Account held with us. As a holder of this account you are entitled to many exclusive benefits such as:

    1. Zero balance account
    2. Free International Debit Card
    3. Free Demand Drafts on HDFC Bank locations

    The Terms and Conditions of your HDFC Bank Corporate Salary account, amongst others, requires that your salary proceeds are credited to this account on a regular basis.

    However, as per our records there has been no salary credit for the month of December 2015.

    We would not want you to miss out any offers, features and benefits exclusively available as part of your salary program and hence request you to ensure there is regular salary credits into your account.

    Should you have any queries please contact your Branch Manager or your Corporate Salary Relationship Manager.

    For queries related to your Demat account, you can also write to or visit your nearest DP servicing branch.

    Thanking you.

    1. Anand says:

      You can use the same account for your general purposes but make sure to maintain a minimum of 10k in that. Otherwise you end up in paying maintenance charges.

  6. anil says:

    Dear team,

    I was opened my hdfc salary account on march 15. After three months I quite the job. So salary is not credited in these three months. And now I joined another company and salary was credited in the month of October as well as November. So unexpectedly in my account amount was debited for the AMC& cess charges, and that too 1200 and odd amount.

    Ok happens is happens, at least from December month it self it can be in salary account or else it will be in savings account only. Please let me know and if it is in savings mode means what should I do.

    1. Hi anil

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


    2. Anand says:

      If the salary account doesnt get a credit of salary for 3 consecutive months, it will convert as a regular savings account. After conversion, even if the salary got credited, it is just a savings account not the salary account. You need to go to near by branch and request them to map your present employer and ask them to make it as salary account.

  7. jasvir says:

    My salary account in hdfc bank I want apply for pre approved personal loan but application decline I need some funds but can I do

    1. Anand says:

      Your question is not so clear.

  8. Dear Vivek, nothing wrong that you are discussing here the fine prints. I’m interested that your problem should be sorted out. So please focus your energy on that. 🙂



  9. Vivek says:

    Dear BeMoneyware, here are my views on your comment “you salary account will automatically be converted to a regular savings bank account by many banks(maybe without informing you)” . Many times customer does not read the fine print at the time of account opening. I have had ICICI and HDFC both as salary accounts at one time and both had stated in their fine print that zero balance is applicable only when the salary is getting deposited in your salary account and your account will be converted into regular savings account if salary does not get deposited for a specified period and applicable maintenance charge will be deducted from your account if certain minimum balance is not maintained. In such a case the bank need not inform you again if such things happen.

    1. Anand says:

      Nee ayya.. I think you have all the time to read thru all that stuff in welcome kit. But nobody read thru all those bull shit. It is bank’s responsibility to remind the customer about this, before converting salary acct to savings acct. They are nt doing this fr their income (penalty from customers).

  10. Dear Bemoneyaware, in my own case, I closed my AXIS bank account as well as ICICI account from branches other than service branches. Being in CBS network, now a days it’s possible to all the banks to close the accounts this way.

    No need to visit to the original branch simply to close the account. yes if any outstanding dues are there, it should be paid upfront by the account holder.



  11. bemoneyaware says:

    To close a bank account one needs to personally visit the branch of the bank which has the account and submit the closure form. Any balance leftover in the account after closure will be returned via. demand draft. Uncredited interest amount, if any, will be accounted for in this reimbursement. If you owe bank some money as Rs.6000/- in the above example you need to pay it.
    Our article Changing Jobs:Take Care Of Bank Account,Tax Liability deals with it in detail.

  12. bemoneyaware says:

    Once you change your job and your salary stops coming to your salary account, then within three to six months (depending upon your bank), you salary account will automatically be converted to a regular savings bank account by many banks(maybe without informing you). And then you are required to maintain a minimum balance in the account. Lack of regular maintenance and minimum balance could also invite penalty charges. So if you do not close your account and let it run say for two years with Average monthly balance of Rs 5000-Rs 10,000 you might incur a service charge of Rs 6000 for urban account as shown below:

    Rs 250(per month) * 12(months) * 2(years) = Rs 6000

    In case of non-operation for over two years the account could become dormant or in-operative.Bank can also charge for closing the account

  13. Dear Naveen, first of all ask HDFC to transfer that Hyderabad Account to the branch in Banglore, where you want to have new salary account. Now pay this balance amount & use the same for new salary credit.



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