HDFC Life Click2Protect : Physical Proposal Form is missing Information

POSTED BY Harry Potter ON February 28, 2013 10:06 pm COMMENTS (4)

 I have recently purchased HDFC Life’s Click2Protect policy for a cover of rs.1 crore. The policy has been issued to me and I recieved the documents via Courier yesterday . HDFC Life has also sent a Physical Copy of the ‘Proposal Form’ as part of the Courier. But I have noted issues in the Proposal Form which is worrying me.

 Since HDFC Click2PProtect is an Online plan , I had filled the ‘Proposal Form’ online .

 While revieing the Physical Copy of the ‘Proposal Form’ couriered by HDFC Life , I noticed that value in few of the fields in the ‘Physical Proposal Form’ arent matching as per what I had filled in the ‘Online Proposal Form’.

 To give examples -> 

1)  while filling the ‘Online Proposal Form’ , I had filled the below regarding my Father’s Medical history “Heart Related problems like Blood Pressure , Cholestrol , Diabetes. He has also had Heart Attack”

 But in the ‘Physical Proposal Form’ provided to me by HDFC Life , the above value has been truncated to simply “Heart Related” . Its missing the other clarifications that I had made about my Father’s medical history. 

2) Even for my Mother’s medical history , in the “Online Proposal Form”  , I had filled value “Blood Pressure , Cholestrol , Diabetes”  . 

But the Physical copy of the Proposal Form only has truncated value “Blood”.

Although from my side , I have made all the needed clarifications when filling up the ‘Online Proposal Form’ but dont expect HDFC Life to retain soft copy of my ‘Online Proposal Form’ for the next 30 odd years . 

Now per my understanding , at the time of a Claim only the Physical Copy of the Proposal Form is relevant .

 I am feeling a bit worried that the truncation in the ‘Physical Online Form’ , regarding medical history of my Parents , “may/can” be used by HDFC Life to reject future Claims by my Nominee/Beneficiary .  Is this is a valid Possibility ? Or am I unnecessarily getting  uncomfortable on a trivial issue ?   Would Section 45 of the Insurance Act help my beneficiary in such situations ?

 Suggestions/Review please ? 

P.S : I am a healthy individual and have duly undergone all the Medical Tests required by HDFC Life.The missing information on the Physical copy of the form concerns me only since my Beneficiary wont have visibility of the fact that from my side I have duly made all the needed clarifications in the Online form and I wont be around to argue in case of any conflict on this matter..:)

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  1. Nikhil Verma says:

    Hi Harry,

    One thing which I did with ICICI Pru is that I had sent responses through mail which was not clear in the document which they had sent. Then they responded asking for more details. After I provided all info they responded back with confirmation. I had kept the hard copy of may mail interaction with them.

    If you don’t get proper response I suggest going through Grievance Redressal. Based on my experience 1st level customer support people only know to give standard responses.


  2. Dear Harry potter, the issue you are facing is due to printing related problem. The info provided by you is there in HDFC but only few characters are getting printed from the cell where you punch in your details.

    Please ask for an e-mail version of your filled online form or confirmation over the e-mail from HDFC for the info provided by you. Once you receive a reply from HDFC & if it’s suitable to you, please print out this e-mail & atach this with your policy bond.



  3. Ayush says:

    @Harry Potter : ) insurance business is a very dirty business and this happened to me too, but while taking health insurance online from oriental insurance company. Your best bet is to approach the company’s office physically and address the problem to them or if they don’t take it seriously, file a grievance against it which happened in my case. Good luck.

    1. Harry Potter says:

      Thanks Ayush for your review. I do intend to take this up with the HDFC Life folks . Lets see how appropriately they respond.

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