Good Stocks For Long Term Investment

POSTED BY Atul Rajendra Nadkarni ON February 17, 2012 11:14 am COMMENTS (7)

Dear All,

Please suggest me some good stocks for the purpose of long term investing.


Atul Nadkarni

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  1. shiv says:

    Axis bank ,RIL, Lupin,L&T Finance & REC are good to consider
    Choose one good company from each sector. it will minimize risk and diversification helps to balance portfolio.

    1. dr.sharma.robin says:

      This is nice information.But you can also check on MoneyWorks4me.They also provide all the information, report n all about stocks

  2. kamal1256 says:

    Some of the best stocks for long term investment, where you can surely get profit are : Tata Motors, HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries, Shirpur Gold, Patni Computers, ICICI Bank.

  3. BanyanFA says:

    I believe in HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries, Tata Steel & Infosys as a regular buys – every year, year on year!

    Finding the right emerging star – a very difficult question. But I find people trying to follow Mr. Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio stocks as he has been famed as emergin stock picker. But it is totally up to you. Best approach is to perform your analysis and pick the high performers. One of my favourites – Fortis Healthcare !


  4. Dear Atul, If you are asking to identify next Infy or HDFC or Hero Honda or L&T, my dear friend, please do your own research as I’m doing mine own to figure out the next winner.

    Believe it or not, Identifying the next multi millioner is pure luck nothing else. Yes for the ordinary people like me, there are MFs to invest in.



    1. I would agree on doing own research and owning MFs. However finding the next winner is not luck – it is based on acumen and an understanding of the business cycles – as they say Luck favours the trained mind.

  5. Abhishek says:

    I would recommend to read some good books on investing by Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and do your own research to buy stocks. Else stick to Mutual Funds.


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