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POSTED BY tukar.bhankas ON February 28, 2012 7:41 pm COMMENTS (4)

Which company is best for share trading..
in terms of low brokerage, good platform & good service?
Angel Broking / HDFC Securities / Reliance Money / Kotak Securities / Motilal Oswal ?

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  1. UppaiMappla says:

    The most secure and cheapest platform is Indiabulls Securities. I have been using it since 2005. It is far better than Kotak, HSBC, Sharekhan, and (yuck!) ICICI Direct.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    Check out Kotak Securities. An advanced platform with low brokerage.


  3. Are you looking at trading very frequently? Apart from the MAJOR FACT that day trading and swing trading are fraught with risk remember that the Brokerage and taxes will eat away a substantial part of the profits.

    Let me explain this with a simple example. Delivery trades cost upto 0.55% and statutory taxes make up anther 0.2% making the one way trade about 0.75%. A delivery based buy and sell will be .1.5%. So a stock bought at Rs.1000 will not even show profits until it hits 1015.

    So if you are looking for very low trading costs choose a broker like Zerodha ( If you just want to buy and hold use more established ones like the above where book keeping /old order retrieval etc. are basic things available unlike Zerodha where it is difficult to follow the back office statements. Personally I use Zerodha and they have been honest, I can vouch for that , but when compared to ICICI Direct the latter scores way ahead in screen design, usabaility and navigation and even understanding statements. . So ICICI Direct is my core portfolio holding broker and Zerodha is my trading system.

    There are few more low cost ones lke RK GLobal etc. but I have absolutely no idea about them. has the uptodate info on the inexpensive brokers etc.

  4. Dear tukar.bhankas, Are you going to indulge yourself in day trading or frequent trading? Opt the compnay which is offering you the least brokerage.



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