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Hi Friends,
I am new bee in STOCK Market & i am in Learning Phase. Recently i am hearing about GOLD Commodity Trading in TV’s which attracted me & I have the following Questions in Mind:
1. GOLD Commodity Trading is the Best & Can expect Very less probability for LOSS – The following are the justifications they are giving:
a. The chances of going UP Gold Prices is high in a week rather than going DOWN. (Ex. In a Week’s duration, if Prices fall 2 days, the prices will be UP for 5 Days, so we will never end up in loss)
b. We needed a lot of technical knowledge & Experience for doing STOCK market Investment / Mutual Fund (Other than GOLD Commodity trading)
c. We cant predict the Prices for any stock, but for GOLD, anyone can tell of sure that it will go UP always.
2. We do not need to Pay entire amount for the Gold we are Purchasing
– How much its true, If its true, how much amount (in %) we have to Pay
– Also, It its true, then Will this is one of the reason for going GOLD Prices up?
– Recent TV Ads about GOLD Saving Schemes by popular Jewellery shops are doing this method to their customers (Ex.
3. We do not charge for the Training or Opening the account for You!
– If they didn’t charge for Training / opening trading account, where will they get Profited / get their fees. (In TV they didn’t revealed this info)
I would like to hear detailed answers by many of the experts here. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Nitin Verma says:

    Bhai mere.. Listen to the Wise… Unless u have 300 or 400 Crore avoid trading either in Equity or Commodity.. This FNO market survives on the flesh of retail traders.. This is a dangerous game.. Better find good Large Cap or Small cap stock and invest regularly.. trust me you will be happy with the returns in 5-10 years.. Plus in the Market.. Saving the capital is more important than trading with it. The so called tips provider if they are so confident ask them to trade by themselves and open a/c in swiss bank.. these are the culprits who attract innocent retailers to this tank full of sharks

  2. Dear Prasanna, Gold is in bubble category now & sooner or later it may create the same pain as Silver had done. Just a year back around same time, Silver was 70K+ level & now look at the current level of silver & you ‘ll notice the pain.

    Should I add more?

    On the one hand, you are calling yourself newbie & at the same time, trying to jump into serious thing called commodity investing.

    As far as question of high exposure with low money commitment, my dear friend, similar thing is available in stocks also under F & O segment.



  3. Prasanna says:

    Expected to know inside things which will educate people, not only for myself. But, i am feeling sad that no one has any views on this query yet!

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