Goal – 4 Lacs – By 2017

POSTED BY Kapil ON June 18, 2012 2:46 pm COMMENTS (10)

Hello JI Experts,

I have setup a goal which is to attain 4 lacs by 2017 mid.

Need suggestions as in where to invest as per current times?

I fall under 20% tax bracket as of now and have good chance to be in 30% bracket by 2017, assuming the limits remains same or increase marginally. Not know much about DTC though.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. Kapil.

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  1. Kapil says:

    Finally, after putting in a lot of thought [which was actually causing inaction], I started a SIP in HDFC LT MIP.

    I would like to thank Ashal, Manish and Ramesh for their inputs. You guys are really doing a great job in enlightening the investors.

  2. Ramesh says:

    See this comment.


    The principal remains the same.

    The method requires a bit of more active participation, while giving you a decent flexibility.


  3. Kapil

    You can invest in Balanced Funds right now , the markets have moved no where since last 4 yrs and hence this is a very ripe time . Note that the market might not look good for another 6 months or 1yr , but with a good possibility you are entering at low and in 4 yrs, it should give you a good return upto 4 lacs , assuming you are invest more than 6k .

    1. Kapil says:

      Thanks Manish for your valuable input.

      I completely agree with you and was thinking in the suggested direction. Yes, I can invest 6k/month.

      However, the question for me now is to select a balanced fund.

      I want to select an equity oriented balanced fund which is not very aggressive, considering the tenure that I want to stay invested (i.e. 5 yrs). But, how? Where can I get these finer details about a fund? When I read the analysis of a fund on VRO, it talks about many finer details including the aggressiveness of the fund. But, how can I do the same analysis? From where can I get the data and what all parameters should I look for to get such analysis done?

      I’ll be glad if you can point me in the direction. I am sure, from your response, there will be many others who’ll be benefited.

      Thanks. Kapil.

  4. Kapil says:

    Hi Folks,

    Can I get more opinions? I will be glad if Ramesh, banyanFa, Manish and other experts can respond.


  5. Dear Kapil, how much money can you allocate on mly basis & what’s your return expectation?

    In general @ pre tax 8% return, you w’d have to invest around 5500 Rs. to reach your goal & 5600 Rs. for pre tax 7% return. As you are not sure of your tax slab by that time, I’m not counting on Taxation as of now but to be on safer side, you may take 6K Rs. mly investment as your target.



    1. Kapil says:

      Thanks for your comments Ashal.

      I am fine with investing 6k monthly. However, which instrument do you suggest me to put my money in? Should I think beyond RD? I know 5 yrs is not long term, but it’s not short enough though? I am okay to take moderate risk, if there is a good suggestion.

      Looking forward for your response.


      1. Dear Kapil, with a risk in mind & also the tax benefit, you may invest in HDFC MIP Long Term plan comfortably.



        1. Kapil says:

          Thanks Ashal. May I know why aren’t you suggesting me Reliance MIP here? I mean it has consistently performed and have beaten the category avg. Yes, it takes a bit more aggressive stance but over 5 yrs horizon, I believe, a bit more aggression is fine.

          I am in no way doubting your suggestion, but just want to understand your thought process. I hope you won’t mind this question. Thanks in advance.


          1. Dear Kapil, as you mentioned moderate risk level (To me it’s low risk level) in prev. reply I opted HDFC MIP LT Plan which is relatively less risky to Reliance MIP.




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