Getting Credit Balance back from the bank

POSTED BY Varun Bhatia ON September 26, 2012 9:50 am COMMENTS (2)

I raised a request for getting a DD for the credit balance in the credit card account in Standard Chartered Bank. The DD was issued from Bangalore branch and not payable at par. I deposited the DD into HDFC Bank and they charged me ~100 Rs/- for outstation charges. Standard Chartered could easily have issued me a DD that was payable at any branch in Delhi but they did not. I think that is a mistake at their end and they should pay me the processing charges. But the phone banking is not registering any complaints against this because they say that it does not fit into any criteria of complaints they are entitiled to register. Senior Manager in Phone banking services also accepts the mistake and agree to take it as a feedback but denies registering a complaint against it. What to do and whom to approach regarding this. The amount is not much but the mistake is not mine.  

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  1. Dear Varun, are you serious enough to fight for this small amount of 100 Rs.? If your answer is yes, please file a written complaint to S&C Bank. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, file a written complaint with Banking ombudsman. Still not satisfied, then go to district level consumer court. Still not satisfied, go for state level & then for national level consumer court.

    If case is still not in your favor, go for civil suit at a district court.

    I’m not asking you to stop but only providing you the future course of action. Till what point you ‘ll fight, only you can decide.

    By the way, I’m unable to understand this DD thing from S&C credit card. What was it meant for?



  2. Credexpert says:

    In most cases a DD should be payable anywhere in the country unless Standard Chartered Bank , for some reason issued a local DD.
    As it was not payable at Delhi, HDFC Bank probably was within its right to charge the clearing fees.
    Standard Chartered Bank should have specifically asked you and accordingly issued the DD.
    The amount is small but in principle you are right and whilst the phone banking people will give you regular unhelpful replies, if you wish you should take it up with some senior bank personnel and / or write to the Consumer complaints department of the Bank.

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