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POSTED BY Mohit Kumar ON March 26, 2013 9:34 am COMMENTS (7)

Hello sir,                                                             Just joined ur site. Sir I am 31 year old. Married and have 3 year old son. Sir I want to invest 4000 per month in matual fund by SIP. Sir I want to invest for long period. I have my own house, my own shop, have car too. So I want to stay invest for 25 years. I want to invest in 2 funds 2000 in each fund. Sir I chose 4 funds.         Franklin India bluechip , icici prudential foccussed bluechip equity int I , DSPBR top100 equity reg , HDFC Top200. Pls See if I chosen right one or advice me another. Pls chose 2 for me. As I want to stay invested for 25 years I can go aggressive. Sir your site is very helpful. Sir I also want to know if there will be any tax cut after I done with my funds. If yes how much tax cuts? Pls help 🙂 thanks 

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  1. Mohit Kumar says:

    Dear ashal I got what I want to know 🙂 thanks for your help mate 🙂 have a nice day 🙂

  2. Dear Mohit, what’s the answer for my cross question or you got the idea on your own?

    Please confirm.



  3. Mohit Kumar says:

    Thank you dear FFC. I am going to invest in those two funds u suggested. And will open
    a PPF in few months. Thanks for your advice again. Have a nice day.

  4. Dear Mohit, instead of answering your query directly, I’m putting a question before you. answer it or understand what ‘s the answer for your question of taxation after 25Y?

    Please tell me what ‘ll be the zero tax slab & other slabs in year 2038 i.e. 25Y from here onwards?



  5. Mohit Kumar says:

    Thanks for reply dear anshal. I am not looking for tax free funds. I want to know whatever amount I get after 25 years will that will taxable? How much tax I have to pay on amount I get after 25 years. I am only looking for good funds for wealth creation. I don’t mind pay tax at all if I have to pay. I have 1 ulip of Lic for 5lakhs which will mature in 2025,post office RD of 1500 per month and bank fd of 20 thousands. I have no loan on myself. I just want to invest in 2 good funds for 25 years for my retirement.

    1. Mohit,

      As of now equity (stock or MF) units held for more than 1 year are tax-free.

      Choose two funds:

      Franklin India Blue Chip and IDFC premier equity should do. You should also have some debt component. So best to open a PPF account and contribute a little something whenever you can.

  6. Dear Mohit, are you asking for tax saving funds? The selected funds are not tax saving funds. As on date, how you are fulfilling your 1L Rs. limit of section 80C?

    Please share more details regarding yourself.



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