fundsindia or moneysights

POSTED BY alpesh pancholi ON March 7, 2012 12:33 pm COMMENTS (26)

i recently came to know about online mutual funds platforms.
i am confused between adn
which is better or both are equal..
i do sip 10k every month till date through agent in online form..
can i transfer these funds to aforesaid online portals?

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  1. chaitanya says:

    Thanks everyone… just completed creating account in fundsindia 🙂 have to send required docs soon..

  2. chaitanya says:

    I’ve been planning to open an account in either of these and read through both fundsindia and moneysights websites, got to know that fundsindia offers below good features that I believe are very helpful.

    – Trigger-based investing

    – Flexi SIP (we can choose the amount for next installment)

    – VIP (invest more on dips and less on highs based on some preset values)

    Does anyone know if moneysights also have it or planning to or offer these in a some different form? If no, fundsindia seems better (ofcourse, I didnt consider other points like customer service after opening account as I dont know yet).


    1. Jassi says:

      Hi Chaitanya,
      I am a regular reader of this forum.
      I have opened my account recently with FundsIndia. Their service is really awesome and they are very prompt in replying to queries too.

      I have also done EasyTransfer of my previous mutual funds (which were not opened with FundsIndia), and it was transferred quite easily.

      All the best.


    2. Dear Chaitanya, please open your account with either of the 2 in your consideration. Later on if you feel that the left out one is better than the one you are with, you have the option to change the portal & later on shift your investments from one portal to another portal.

      Disclosure – I’m personally investing my own money using



  3. vimeo says:

    Hmm…had a free account with moneysights for portfolio management until yesterday. But now I am using a different portfolio management service.
    Reasons why I shifted are:
    1. Moneysights seems to have some bugs in that the SIP installments do not get updated automatically
    2. The information on the website is not updated in real-time. For a website providing financial services, this is a HUGE drawback
    3. Customer satisfaction does not seem to be too high on Moneysights’ priorities. I had reported the problem regarding point#1 to them but never received any reply from them and nor was the problem solved.

    On the positive side, the interface, as Santosh Nalvani says, is good though. Uncluttered and intuitive.

  4. kishanm77 says:

    Hello everybody
    My two cents.I opened a Fundsindia account about 1.5 years back and i have been more than happy with it. Its flexibility is just great. All modes of investments are available like SIP STP SWP etc. Setting up SIP my be slow if you use ECS. Try “alert SIP”. This doesn’t require ECS and can be set up in minutes. Only thing is that you are reminded by Fundsindia every month that SIP date is arriving. On the concerned day just login to your account and make the payment. I agree that doing it every month manually is slightly cumbersome as compared to automatic ECS but you have the advantage of easy setting up, withholding your SIP instantly (no ECS and hence no cancellation of ECS). You can change the investment amount of the SIP at every transaction, i.e. complete control.
    Fundsindia also has the flexibility of Value investing system. I am very happy with Fundsindia

  5. Dear Siva, yes you may do so.



  6. Dear All,

    We can create Portfolio in Moneysights. And we can get analysis, and recommended portfolio also. So with out investing through Money Sights, we get above facilities.
    No mandate to invest through Money Sights to utilise above. Please confirm.

    Thank You
    R Siva Prasad

  7. Jig says:

    Dear santosh,
    I am also eager to know when you guys are ready for NRIs too. You were supposed to start within 2 to 3 months when i last inquired about it in November 2011.

    I like to join for lifelong relationship rather than changing from here and there many times and i can see the Moneysights is the answer for one time,one platform solution for lifelong

    1. says:

      Hi Jig,

      i’m glad that you have decided to open an account with moneysights. Though, we are running late on this….there is a way i can assist you. Let me connect with you over an email…don’t know your email. Can you send across 1 on


      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  8. @Santosh – Why dont you get STP started on Moneysights? I like the simplicity of MOney Sights but I dont want to park surplus funds in my savings account – not even for 1or 2 days!!

    1. Dear Justgrowmymoney, as rightly pointed out by Dear Santosh, if the demand for STP increases, team moneysights ‘ll definitely add this feature in future.



      1. Its not “demand” .. they are going to anyways add it , STP is an important thing and it will be added , they are working on it , just that there is no date committment as of now !

    2. says:

      Hi @JustGrowMyMoney,

      Glad that you like moneysights for what we are. We would certainly introduce STPs…there are no 2 ways about it. Give us a few months….we will get there. Thanks @Ashal for the reply on my behalf 🙂

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  9. says:

    Hi @Alpesh,

    i might be late here if you queries are already solved for. But just thought to add to what other forum members have mentioned here.

    1. We have 11 AMCs so far. While, we will keep adding more, i can assure you as @justgrowmymoney also mentioned above, it would be rare that you want to invest in a fund & its not available. In fact, it was sensible for us to do…we just prioritized the MF companies whose funds are investment-worthy in Phase 1 of the product launch

    2. We don’t have STPs. Similar reason. moneysights is made for new/ beginners in investing. And most even don’t understand Mutual Funds. So, in Phase 1, we decided to not make the site complex & launched what gets understood & used by them.

    3. SIPs – the most important piece for any retail investor. Be it new or advanced. We by far, as confirmed by @justgrowmymoney has the smoothest way to start/ pause/ stop SIPs. Contrary to what mentioned above by @TheZionView – for 1st SIP to begin you will see delay. This is because ECS – the backbone on which SIP works – requires just above 3 weeks to get approved from bank. Once your ECS is approved, your SIP start will just have 1 delay – delay to get online & click 🙂

    4. moneysights as an offering – If you had a chance to go thru the site – you would notice the simplicity, the comprehensiveness & made-for-me feeling. We focus NOT on driving transactions. OR for that matter, to experience the GOOD-ness of moneysights, you won’t need to open an account. You can research (discover), plan, manage your existing MFs as well. And thats where we differentiate – you would see we solve problems. This piece has been better explained by Manish himself here –

    To cut short – we are much more than any other site. Its like Apple philosophy that we follow. Focus on minimalism. We think hard on what not to do & how not to do…and this reflects in our every customer touch-point. Our users love us for what we have & they don’t actually miss what we don’t have. Atleast so far…and if those missing things become too important…they will be right there on moneysights without any wait 🙂

    Hope this helps.

    moneysights team | making investing simple

    1. TheZionView says:


      I said irrespective of fundsindia or moneysights it will take 30 days or 3 weeks like you mentioned for the ECS to go through.The difference being in moneysights you will not have extra work of sign and send the ecs mandate. So where does the contradiction come from?

      1. says:

        Hi @TheZionView,

        There is a difference. At moneysights, the investor doesn’t need to send separate ECS for every new SIP s/he may want to begin. Be it even Amount modification, changing scheme, choosing scheme of any other AMC. No need to sign & send separate AMC.

        Hope i have communicated where the contradiction lies….the 30-day you are talking about isn’t valid for every new/subsequent SIP. Its only for the 1st SIP, where the delay is.


        Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

        1. TheZionView says:


          Ok let me make it clear so if i start another SIP in another AMC fund it start right on that day or t+2 days?

          If that is the case its cool.

          1. says:

            hi @TheZionView,

            It can’t technically start the same day. And it won’t start T+2 either….currently it will start from any date subject to minimum of T+9. Thats because some banks aren’t equipped to take these requests so fast. In future, we will make this something like T+2 for some banks.

            Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  10. says:

    My view:

    The platform does not matter..the action matters. How quickly you open the account and start investing is more important. If you don’t like 1 platform you can easily switch to another…

  11. alpesh pancholi says:

    thanx all
    cleared my vision…

  12. TheZionView says:

    Adding my points

    Moneysights as of now offers less AMC compared to Fundsindia. SIP setup is on the fly but still the same 30 days period is required to start the SIP

    In case of fundsindia to start SIP you need to send a ECS mandate signed through snail mail.But to Stop or temporary pause you can just do it online.

    The ease of design of website is same with recent update to fundsindia.

    You have to decide based on going to their site and your comfort.

  13. Jig says:

    Well i recently open the fundsindia account but not started investing through them.

    My bank local branch is not supporting ECS. ( this is how a problem with fundsindia i dont know CAUSE as per my RM there should not be any difficulty if Fundsindia register the SIP instruction to bank head branch)
    For each SIP set up i have to send them all documents so from my view there is no much difference than direct AMC

    Moneysights looks good and already cleared by dear justgrowmoney about it. Only one point it is differ that moneysights is not still opened for NRIs.

    Now about STP which means systematic transfer plan. if person having liquid amount in hand and if he wants to invest systematically in existing/new invested fund then he can invest this liquid amount through STP. ex: invest 100000 in HDFC liquid and start STP of amount 5000 ( example) to HDFC TOP 200.

    HOPE I cleared your ques:


  14. Based on personal experince and data gathered from forums here is the summary:

    1) YOu get detailed performance reports from both
    2) No transaction charges are levied

    Where they differ is here:

    – FundsIndia offers many AMCs (i belive almost all)
    – Starting and Stopping SIP is my snail mail so could take good 2-4 weeks to be set up
    – SIP is available. Not sure of STP.

    -Moneysights offers only about 10-12 AMCs. But this covers most of the 5* rated and good funds.
    – SIP set up is done online in seconds. No STP available.

    I have not gone with FundsIndia because Snail mail SIP is a put off
    I am not using Moneysights because STP is not available (I have an account set up a long back but not being used)

    My personal opinion: If you have the choice of your funds available at Moneysights go for it as SIP is seamless.


    Both of them have transfer-in facility from another agent.

    1. alpesh pancholi says:

      what exactly the STP is? i dont anything about it.
      can u throw some light on it?

      1 more point…which are other good online mf platforms?

      1. Dear Jig, STP stands for Systematic Transfer Plan. Normally under STP – as an investor we invest a lump sum amount in a debt fund (preferably a liquid or ultra short term fund) & then use STP to invest money either daily or weekly or mly in the target Eq. fund. The STP can be used for reverse also i.e.e from Eq. fund to Debt fund.

        In case of STP – both funds should be from the same AMC.

        If you are going to invest 10K mly, my request ‘ll be to go for STP route.

        Please use platform for STP, as STP here is far more convenient then a regular SIP on the same platform.

        Disclosure – I’m using for my own investments so there may be a bias in my views.

        Please take an informed decision.



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