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POSTED BY VIGNESH BASKARAN ON November 27, 2011 10:00 am COMMENTS (4)

I am doing sip in mutual funds. I want to know whether the allocated folio no is genuine or not?

Is there a method to verify that?

Pls guide me.

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    Thanks for ashal. just grow money and Manish..

    thanks a lot


  2. Dear Vignesh, Apart from your ongoing SIPs you may invest some extra amount quoting the same folio no. but in a different fund of the same AMC. For example you are investing in HDFC Top 200 & now for checking purpose, you may invest 5K or more Rs. in HDFC Eq. or HDFC Prudence. Your next account statement ‘ll show your SIP transactions in HDFC Top 200 as well as lump sum investment in HDFC Eq. or Prudence under the same folio no.

    By the way, may I know from where do you get the fear of wrong or fake folio no? Do you have any known incident with your family or friends?



  3. There is no one general algorothm to verify the folio number. If you want to confirm the folio number is genuine, for whatever reason, call customer care and ask for an email statement. That should establish the genuinity of the folio. If you still think there may be bogus accounting go ahead and sell few units and get the money back. This will put to rest any doubts you may have.

  4. Vignesh

    You can register yourself on camsonline website . You will get a statement in your email. You can verify the folio number from that email .


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