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POSTED BY maverick muguda ON April 14, 2013 6:21 pm COMMENTS (3)


  I am looking for some fixed income options which would be cover my family expenses 10-15 years from now.  I wanted to know the +ves and -ves of each category.


I am a 35 year old, I am debt free(own my apartment, car and a residential plot). I don’t have medical insurance and hold a term life insurance which covers 2.5 times of my current annual salary. I have built up a some fixed deposits in my wife’s name over the last few years and intend to continue this. (her income is below the taxable limit). Also, i am in the 30% tax bracket.


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  1. Dear Maverick, if you are still having some FDs in wife’s name & want to invest for 10-15 years, why only debt & not Eq. at all. if you want to know for debt part of your bucket out of the total investible surplus amount, it should be in long term debt funds under your name in growth option to save on tax outgo.



  2. maverick muguda says:


    On a different thread, I have enquired about Life Insurance and i intend to get more of it.

    I need my investments to offer me me some income in 10-15 years. I need to split my investments into different buckets and one of them is fixed income. I think i should start now rather than later.


  3. Dear Maverick, do you really feel 2.5 times of your annual income is more than enough for your family as insurance money in your absence? If you are going to invest for 10-15 years, why are you asking only debt & not Eq.? Any particular reason?



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