Financial planning for my family

POSTED BY bittoo ON November 28, 2014 9:44 am NO COMMENTS

Me and my husband lives in rented house. our household income is 30000.

I have below investment till now

1. 15000 rd in SBI bank for 1 year (just started)

2. 1000 rd in post office in the name of my husband (started in last year)

3. 600 rd in post office in my name(started in march 2011)

That is all we have. my querier are as follows:

1. I need a term insurance- plz suggest

2. Do i need a health insurance ? – i have my company’s mediclaim policy

3. Planning for a  baby next year- plz suggest some financial planning for the same (i m thinking of a rd in bank)

4. Want to invest for my retirement.

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