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POSTED BY sonam ON April 17, 2012 2:36 pm COMMENTS (3)

my name is sonam…30 year old…married…6 year daughter…i worked in restaurant business and last 5 year i have save 5 lakh cash…which i save in saving a/c…now i would like to invest this money in some secure investment……. this days my monthly saving goes to 30000/-….i want to invest this cash for long term 10-15 years after which i will able to use for my daughter higher education and my personal expenses..

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  1. sonam says:

    ..thank you to both of you…for giving me some idea to invest….i m beginner and somehow these days i love all these investment option…and ..with interest i started learning this very fast…and …hope to learn many good investment option from you guyrs…thank you once again

  2. Dear Sonam, please read my reply in addition to dear BanyanFA’s. for those 5L Rs. please split the amount in 2 parts. Invest 2L Rs. in a 10Y bank FD. Invest remaining 3L Rs. in HDFC MIP Long Term plan.



  3. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Sonam,
    It is nice to hear that you have a long duration available with you for your investment. I would suggest you do the following :
    1. Take a term insurance for yourself / husband for around 10 times of your annual earnings;
    2. Open a PPF account and invest on a monthly basis between 5-7 K per month. This will cover your debt part of the portfolio;
    3. Invest via Mutual Fund SIPs approx 10K per month for 10-15 year duration.


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