Financial Planning.

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Please help me to make finacial planning.

Currently i am investing in 02 products.

1. ICICI ULIP – 25000 pa. Started from 2010. completed 2 years.
2. PPF A/C – 35000 pa. Started in Jan 2012 only.

I am confused how to start my finacial planning for next financial year. Looking to save tax and also to take Life insurance, health insurance, and other useful tool to invest ( both short term/long term.

Please guide.


Nitin rawat

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  1. Dear Nitin, you are always welcome.


  2. NITIN RAWAT says:

    Dear Ansal,

    Thanks for the information. I will keep seeking your advise on other policies.


  3. Dear Nitin, As you said you are ready for some serious financial planning for yourself, please be ready to pay a fee for it. I’m not asking the fee but the person to whom you ‘ll approach, ‘ll surely ask for a fee. Forum like these can provide you a platform to start with for your financial planning but a personal touch from a dedicated financial planner (here I mean dedicated to you) ‘ll surely help you.

    I do not know the exact fee of financial planners’. Please check on your own. By the way dear Manish & his team members also do it. Please check it with him.



  4. NITIN RAWAT says:

    Dear Ashal/BFA

    Yes, i am very much serious for finacial planning.
    I have read few of the blogs in this forum about the FP. But still i am confused about it due to my needs and requirement.

    I do not want quick fix, but a better planning for my future investment.
    Kindly guide.



  5. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I agree with Ashal. It is difficult assist or do Financial Planning via a forum. There are so many aspects associated with FP and most of them tend to be confidential aspects. We do financial planning for most of our clients and all cases involve sharing sensitive information which you may not want to share in public.


  6. Dear Nitin, Are you serious for your financial planning or just want some quick fix solution?



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