Failed to send ITRV within 120 days

POSTED BY imtiyaz f memon ON November 21, 2011 10:57 pm COMMENTS (9)

I failed to send itrv to banglore with in given period of time so now i have again filled ITR1 form as a revised option and under section 142(1) but at the time of upload of XML file it gives me error as below.
“If your Return filed under section code is 139(1),139(4),142(2),148,153A then your return type should be Original(O) from AY2011-12 onwards. ”
So please suggest me what i have to do for revised my return in above error 142(1) is not mentioned so it should be uploaded but i don’t know ehy?

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  1. jai says:

    sir, i have filled ITR 4s but after that on the same day before sending ITR V to cpc , i again filled the ITR for same AY 14-15 as revised return ….. should i have to send both original and revised ITR to CPC bangluru.
    please guide me….

  2. suresh says:

    I fill online ITR I and submitted , ITR V generated. I fill some mistakes in ITR I how I will correct it

  3. KK BABU says:

    Yes Mr Ashal ji. Now, I understood. However, in my case, there is no returns. Still, I shall follow ur advise.

    thanks, KK Babu

    1. Jagadeeswarareddy says:

      Sir What should i do for getting refund for the delay in send Signed ITRV (treated as no return filed )
      Can i file again(Revised)?

      jagadeeswara Reddy

  4. Dear KK Babu, please try to understand – in case of physical filing of ITR, you were depositing the form after signing the same at your local income tax office. Do you know the meaning of signing the form? It indicates that you are authenticating the info provided by you in the ITR form. Now for online form, if the person in question has digital signature & signing his ITR form with his Digital Signature, it’s similar case to filing physical form for authenticity of data.

    For the cases, where the income tax return filer does not has Digital Signature, the hard copy of ITR-V should be signed (to authenticate the online data filed by the person) & post the same to CPC Banglore. till ITR-V is not with CPC Banglore, your ITR filing is not complete. More over if you are demanding any refund, your case ‘ll be treated as no return filed & accordingly you ‘ll not get any refund.

    I hope, now you understand the importance of ITR-V.



  5. KK BABU says:

    Dear sir

    Presuming we dont send the ITR hardcopy to Bangalore office (even after online submittal of ITR), what is going to happen.

    Actually, this is my case. One of my friend did the online filing of ITR for me and then asked me to send the hardcopy of Bangalore office, which I did not sent. I got an email from IT dept saying that my online filing will be cancelled if i dont reply to them.

    Is it mandatory to send the harcopy also? What happens if we dont send the hardcopy?
    thanks and Regards
    KK Babu

  6. Dear Imtiyaz f memon, although the 120 day period is over yet you may still post your original ITR-V. After sending the same, please wait for another 20-30 days for update of the same on the site.



    1. Krishna says:

      The comment is from 2011 , can you please say that the same holds true for today also.

  7. Imtiyaz – Though IT dept requires the ITRV to reach within 120 days from filing in practice they accept delayed ITRV, at least that is what happened last year. Last year when my initial ITRV did not reach them (for whatever reason) I got an email in Decemeber 2010 intimating non receipt of ITR V. This time I sent a speed post and my return was processed and refund cheque was sent in Mar 2011.

    MY TAKE: Just send your ITRV now to Bangalore – dont attempt any revised return etc,. If your post office accepts speed post to PO Boxes well and good! Even after this if you dont get anacknowledgement of receipt of ITRV in 4-6 weeks lets explore the alternates.

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