Experience with SBI Home Loan Chinchwad Branch

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Hi Manish

I need your advise on this. I had Home loan account maintained since 2006 in Chinchwad Pune Branch of SBI–Home Loan Account No–1089419602. I had Savings account also connected to Home loan account—10894017750

In 2013 I got 12.69 Lacks Loan from SBI Chinchwad (Approved from RACPC Wakdewadi Branch) Mortgage loan on same property—Act No–32890914603 and I am paying regular installments of the same mortgage loan since last 1 year till date.

On 2nd May 2014, I requested Chinchwad branch home loan dept to close home loan account by taking due amount from me if by rules it is possible to close it. I also informed them that this home loan account is connected to Mortgage loan account on same property. They inquired with their higher authority and confirmed me that this loan can be closed by rule and original documents can be returned back to you after closing loan. They said to me that mortgage loan has nothing to do with basic home loan account closure.

On their(SBI Chinchwad home loans dept) instructions I transferred 3,83729 Rs and closed home loan and got NOC for the same loan. They also guided me to Shankarsheth Road Pune branch to collect original documents. I followed their instructions and collected my original documents on 2nd May 2014– very same day of closure.

4 days before after I informed RACPC Wakdewadi Branch, I realized that SBI Chinchwad branch has closed my Basic Home loan account by unlawful manner. Branch manager also agreed that closing home loan account is not allowed as per bank policy. He agreed that it is human error and can not be reversed. He also requested me to return original documents.

Because of SBI Chinchwad branch mistake now I am not eligible to apply for new loan as extension of mortgage and on top of this I am forced to close my mortgage loan account as well by SBI and RBI rule. I requested them to correct mistake by branch and reverse my closed home loan account and return my paid amount — Rs. 3,83,729

I also told them that – I am not in a position to close mortgage loan account. I will continue paying installments as I have paid this till date. Also notified them–I am ready to return original documents to bank in a hassle free way.

I have verbally assured them that I will not remortgage my property in unlawful way. They are not ready to co operate and just repeatedly telling me to submit original documents. Please advise me about my further stand about matter.

Dr. Pradeep Khedkar

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