EPF transfer issue – Not able to find the current status even using RTI ?

POSTED BY Baagi ON February 6, 2014 10:15 am COMMENTS (3)

Can you please help me in the below PF transfer issue.

I have worked initially with Company Trianz which maintained its PF at Bangalore(Blr). Later I moved to UHG which had its PF office in Gurgaon(GGN). After I joined in UHG, I had applied for transfer & submitted Form 13 for transfer in the year 2012. For which I have received acknowledgement as well.

After a long wait, I had raised online grievance with GGN office & they responded saying that “they have referred Claim form to concerned RPFC, but transfer amount has not been received from concerned RPFC as per office record”. ( I assume that by “concerned office”, they meant it as Blr office).

Later, I raised online grievance with Blr office asking for clarity & they responded saying that “ they have not received any such forms”.

Using these grievance numbers & responses, I have filed RTI with Bangalore office & they again gave the same response stating that they have not received any claim forms and asked to resubmit with my employer again.

Yet another time, using the RTI response attachments, I raised another online grievance with Gurgaon office & they continue to say that they have already submitted the claim form.

Iam not sure, where my form is now? What should I do in this case now. Now, Iam left with another 8 days if at all I have to file first appeal with Bangalore office again. Or can I take any action with Gurgaon office? Please suggest.

Can you please suggest, possible actions I can take to get this resolved?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Baagi, EPFO is one organization where still people face a lot of hardships. If you feel, filing RTI with GGN office ‘ll help you to clear the mess, please do so. Else, do needful to transfer all the amount to Pune.



  2. Baagi says:

    Thank you Ashal for the prompt response. I understand that I can redo this process again(now I am with new company in Pune). However, I would want to understand what other option can any consumer opt for.
    My concern is this might repeat once again. Second, given that transfer process is already initiated, applying for transfer yet for a second time with new company in Pune, might add to a lot of confusion & mess. Third, I am sure there are many other people like me who are going through similar situations. Can we not have any other possible option to get this rectified? There has to be someone who should be taking responsibility for such missing cases.
    Can you please advise me in this? Do you think raising a formal RTI now with GGN office & asking them specific details like – when, to whom, which office was it sent, what action do they take in case of long pending cases to get closed.

    Iam interested in looking out for possible other solutions before I chose to opt for reapplying with Pune again. I look forward to your positive response in helping me out here.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Baagi, within the given situation, please reapply for transfer with GGN office.



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