EPF? If I work for 10 years and then don’t for 10 years

POSTED BY Nitin Verma ON May 17, 2012 10:33 pm COMMENTS (2)

if i first work for 10 years, contribution is made in both EPF and EPS and
then the next 10 years I don’t work so no contribution is made to either.

Q1. Can I withdraw my EPF after lets say 20 years. ( form no ?)
Q2. Will i be eligible for pension. (after withdrawal or If i don’t withdraw).
Q3. From which age will i receive the pension.
Q4. Is there any minimum amount that I would receive or is there any upper limit up to which only i would receive the pension.
Q5. And the amount that I would receive, will it be monthly or yearly. A sample calculation will be good.
Q6. How will the pension amount be calculated. Is there any calculator.
Q7. Can we withdraw EPS amount. Is there any provision for that. ?

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  1. THe answers are on assumption that 10 yrs service was at one place , so that only 1 EPF account is opened.

    1. Yes , but as Ashal said , your EPF will just earn interest for total 13 yrs . You use form 19 to withdraw your EPF and form 10-C for EPS (only for less than 10 yrs of service)

    2. Not just eligible , after 10 yrs, its compulsory , you have to apply for pension and get it .

    3. Its 58 yrs , but there are provisions to get it after 50 also , but then the benefits are reduced and some conditions have to be met .

    4. Yes , you will get it upto 3250 , the minimum is not there, but govt was thinking of increasing it to 1,000 .

    5. No idea on that..

    6. Its like this

    Under Employees’ Pension Scheme, the monthly retiring pension is decided on the basis of ‘Pensionable Service’ and ‘Pensionable Salary’ and is worked out as follows
    Monthly pension=( Pensionable salary*Pensionable service)/70
    Pensionable Salary is arrived at by considering the average contributing salary immediately preceding 12 months from the date of exit from the scheme, normally this would be limited to Rs 6,500 p.m. unless certain enhanced contributions are made by the employer with permission. Pensionable Service is the service in years rendered by the member for which contributions have been received maximum cannot exceed 35 years

    7. You can do that , but only if you have worked for less than 10 yrs


  2. Dear Nitin, after you stop working & there is no more fresh inputs in your PF account, after 3Y, your PF account ‘ll become dormant & it ‘ll stop earning interest so remaining 7Y ‘ll be useless for you.

    The amount of pension from your EPS balance ‘ll depend upon the amount you invested in, the service time you remained in & other things.

    As you have already worked for 10Y, you can’t withdraw your EPS amount & pension ‘ll be give to you compulsorily.



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