EPF from my previous company

POSTED BY sunanda devi ON October 9, 2011 8:29 pm COMMENTS (4)

i left this company \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” Esselshyam\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” in 2003. i used to have a PF account with this company. For some reason i did not claim my PF when i left the job. Can i get my EPF money now? If so what is the procedure? I am not in the same city any more.

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  1. Kshitij_Peter says:

    Hello Sunanda,

    You’ll need to

    1. Fill in the two (10c and 19 – you can get them over the internet) forms and a affidavit – since its 3+ years that your PF account has not been active.
    2. Send these to your company. Contact them before hand and confirm with them.
    3. Your company will need to fill in the required details from their side and send the forms back to you.(This should be done in 15-20 days, mostly depends on the firm)
    4. You now need to send these to the PF branch where you account is (or rather was) maintained.
    5. The branch will process your application and credit the amount to your account. (The time specified is 2 months, but give them 6 months).

  2. Dominic Prakash says:

    I think you can transfer the PF amount to your current PF account. I did that once when there was a gap of 1 year.

  3. Muthu says:

    You can claim. Just fill in the PF closure form and submit it to the organization. Just make sure that the PF Acc number and the other stuffs that u fill in are correct.

  4. Sunanda

    You can still claim it , but its a dirty situation now ,, you will have to fill up the PF withdrawal form , go to the company and enquire with them


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