epf establishment number lost and not avl. online

POSTED BY mukesh mittal ON May 3, 2013 4:25 pm ONE COMMENT

hi all,

i had i bussiness firm, in regard to which i used to submit epf

due to some reasons i closed that firm and started a new firm

all kept almost all employees that were working in my previous firm.

but we didnt transfered the accounts instead we opened their new accounts of epf.

now, the employees who are leaving jobs they are asking help to recover thier old account epf.

please note that none of us have the epf eastablishment number which is not even avl. at the online database or directory of epfindiawebsite.

neither we have date of joining and retiring.

please note that problem is in regard to my previous firm as this time they got their account transferred . so please help to get their money refund deducted by my previous firm



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  1. Syamantak says:

    A very very bad move of not keeping track of almost anything! your employees can sue you royally for not having the details of their PF! Trust me, EPFO will take these complaints seriously 🙂

    Since you have no track, first of check if you had a EPF establishment registered at all. If yes, try to check the name of the establishment and along with all documents meet the EPFO office where you kept your establishment registered.

    another way of tracking the EPFO would be using any one of the employees PF account number . generally they are framed in below nomenclature :

    state / city / Establishment code / Extension of establishment code / Account number

    Establishment code should be of Maximum 7 Digits, No leading or trailing zeros
    Extension of establishment code is not mandatory.
    Account number – Maximum 7 digits

    Check if above helps you. If not, you are left with the only option of going to EPFO office with all necessary proofs to get the details hunt for you.

    Good luck!

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