Employees Pension Scheme (EPS) dilemma

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Hello All,

My queries are regarding the treatment of EPS contribution that our employer makes as part of EPF.

1). What happens to the EPS, if I switch my job from lets assume employer “A” to employer “B” and get my EPF transferred as well?

2). Can I withdraw this amount?

3). Does the EPS share also gets transferred automatically with EPF?

4). Is there any document, that I need to ascertain either from the previous employer or from the EPFO, which may be of importance whenever I withdraw the EPS?

Please share your inputs.

Thanking all of you in advance and wishing you a nice day ahead!

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  1. KrishnaRK says:

    I have issue of my previous two company’s EPS amount not transferred to current company. In this case my first company(2007-20010) time there was no UAN that time and . I have requested to Transfer my EPF to second company(2010-2015) in this time UAN created. And I got transfered my EPF amount. Once left from second company. I have requested for withdraw of my PF amount. In this time i did not get my EPS amount ? Because my first company didn’t provide Annexure-K of EPS account to second company as per EPFO Second company registered.
    When raise grievence on first EPFO, they said account doesn’t exist or unable to pull record, because i have transfer EPF to second company.

    1. How can i get my EPS transfer process from first company(2007-2010) as well as second company to move current company or Annexure -K of EPS accounts?

    much appreciate your help on this.

    1. UNless you use RTI here, its very tough to get any authentic information. I suggest you file a RTI on this !

  2. J says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information. I will check with my previous employer and try to get it resolved asap. Thanks Again!

  3. It does not get transferred automatically. For less than 10 years service you have the option to either withdraw EPS amt or get it transferred by getting a scheme certificate from previous employer. After 10 years you can no longer withdraw and can only get it transferred.

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