Effect of Service Tax Increase on Existing Home Loan part 2

POSTED BY Zoeb ON April 30, 2012 8:27 pm ONE COMMENT

Hello Forum
one of my friend having a home loan of 30,00,000 lacs did the last disbursement of 3,00,000 lac after 1st april, now his builder says that he has to pay an additional amount as a result of increase in the service tax. My question is that is the builder correct or he is just faking this thing and try to extract extra money from my friend. Also, at the time of registration of the property we have already paid 2.67% service tax, now if the service tax is increase then what is the additional amount one has to pay per lac of its disbursement? Also if it is possible can you provide me a suitable link? Further, if a person has booked his flat in January 2011, and if he has just started paying an EMI of say 25,000/- in the month of April itself for a home loan of 25,00,000 lac, how the increase in service tax hamper his savings?
Zoeb Lakdawala

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  1. Dear Zoeb, please read my reply, given to your prev. query.



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