EDLI – Pension insurance eligibility

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My spouse’s father worked in a factory for around 11 years which participated in EPF scheme. The factory was closed down on 2007 due to some issues with 3 months salary arrear to the employees. In 2009, father-in-law passed away in an accident.

The factory also has PF arrears to EPFO and the employees went to the court to expedite the process. Heard now the factory is in progress of settling the pending arrears to EPFO. Mother-in-law applied for pension and now receiving it.

I recently heard about EDLI (Pension life insurance ), I am wondering whether father-in-law is eligible for this insurance. Two reasons for my doubt are:

1) As I don’t know whether he is technically an employee to the organization during the accident as per EPFO?

2) Company had PF arrears during those period to EPFO.

Please let us know your thoughts on this.

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  1. Dear Shankar, it’s a complex issue. Please consult an advocate who is expert in labour laws.



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