Direct vs Through agent buying of mutual fund

POSTED BY ashimmaji56 ON December 6, 2014 7:15 pm ONE COMMENT

I am very much confused by online direct purchase of mutual funds & mutual funds taken from Agents.

I have searched top mutual funds from 5 star rated but when I bought them online it doesn’t show any ranking while the growth rate is similar.

I have taken following mutual funds online:

1. Axis long term equity fund

2. Franklin India High growth companies

3. Franklin India smaller companies fund

4. Reliance Tax Saver plan

All the above mutual funds are 5 star rated in regular plan i.e. taken from Agent but when I buy it online there is no ranking showings.

For a while I decided to switch all the 4 funds to regular plan but then stop to get some experts advice.

please suggest me what to do

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  1. Hemanth says:

    Direct plans are introduced from Jan-1, 2013… so there will not be any rating by rating agencies…. the portfolio of Direct, regular plans is same, just that expense ratio is less for Direct plans which is beneficial for you. continue with Direct plans….. don’t switch to Regular.

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