Question on Different name in Pan card and Income Tax Return?

POSTED BY Kamal Sheth ON March 16, 2015 10:36 pm COMMENTS (2)

Need small information

1. My Wife has been continuing her maiden name in her office. Her PAN card also has her maiden name ABC OldSurname
2. We are filling tax return by her Post marriage name – ABC NewSurname. Will there be any issue
3. We have now applied her passport. Her passport has come with new name ABC BewSurname as we do not have any proof of her older name.
4. she wants to continue her old name ABC OldSurname in her office

Just want to check
1. Do we need to change her name in Pan Card also
2. Will there be any problem later (post service in retirement/pf etc) if her name in office and bank account is ABC OldSurname and her name in her passport, Aadhar etc is ABC NewSurname
3. If we are putting tax return as ABC NewSurname and her name in pan card and bank is ABC OldSurname Will there be any issue

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  1. sandhu b says:

    do not complicate your life. no one can imagine which agency will doubt difference in name and no one can be sure that there will not be a problem. probability of problem can be more than 80% (wild guess, it may be more). but if all documents have same name then it is surely lesser or negligible issue. more over more and more computers comparing and compiling data will surely raise red flags. so decide between yourself which surname to use (or may be no surname, if one is not acceptable) and avoid further problems and try to change existing documents to one name. try to change name in one document you will yourself realise the virtue of this advise

  2. Hemanth says:

    it is always better to have all the documents in same name…..

    if pan card has old surname, income tax website also has the same name and how is it possible to file ITR with new surname ?

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