Difference in charges between direct investing and investing through FundsIndia

POSTED BY Naveen CN ON July 9, 2011 8:05 am COMMENTS (2)


I am currently investing directly with the AMCs. Now I am planning to move to FundsIndia.  Does this move incur any other charges(hidden or obvious). or does it have any scope of saving any charges? 

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  1. Naveen CN says:

    Thanks Manish for such a clear explaination 🙂

  2. Naveen

    Right now , your Rs 100 investment is invested 100% ., So all 100 is invested .

    With Fundsindia also , your Rs 100 will be invested 100% . so even then you will have your Rs 100 invested .

    But it helps you and FundsIndia both , FundsIndia becomes your agent and AMC pays him trail and upfront commission , right now that money is kept with AMC itself (you dont get it anyways)

    You also get a platform to invest in different MF from a single place and also get a chance to setup your SIP in ETF and some other advanced and interesting things . So its a win win situation .

    All you need to take is the pain of opening an account with FundsIndia and pay Rs 50 courier charges for the first time .


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