Demat opening

POSTED BY Girish acharya ON March 7, 2013 2:05 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hiiiiii friends

I am newbie in investment . I want to invest money in share market for that i want to open demat acocunt.As there are many option available i am confuse 

so please help me in opening demat account and one more thing as i am new in trading i wont able to put big charges should be less 

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  1. Dear Girish, please read the each document carefully where ever you sign. A lot of pain which can be there later on be saved if you check each & every thing before signing on the dotted lines.



  2. Girish acharya says:

    @ashal jauhari
    please tell me what point i should check will opening the demat account .

  3. Dear Girish, if you feel that you are ready to jump in. Ok. Please search for past few posts on the cheapest brokers here in the forum & you ‘ll come to know so many options. Please opt the one, which you prefer.



  4. Girish acharya says:

    @Ashal Jauhari

    thanks for reply Ashal Jauhari

    ya i am newbie when it come to investing in share market.but i am reading new paper and i am learning new thing from money control .

  5. Dear Girish, are you ready to lose 50% of your money in few days? On what basis you are trying to invest in Direct Shares? Are you reading & studying on your own to be ready for investing? As you called yourself newbie in your opening query, I seriously doubt your capabilities to jump into direct Eq. If your Idea is to work on getting tips from here & there.


    Please do not indulge yourself in such things. Yes you can do but only after reading & understanding the whole things. For this you need to read a lot.



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