When to open Demat Account for investment in share market ?

POSTED BY kiruba_pdm ON January 25, 2015 9:04 am COMMENTS (10)

Dear All,

I want to  opening Demat account in this month which Bank/ DP is  best. I am going to Investment in Share Market monthly 1000 to 2000 rupees only to investment purpose. Kindly advice which DP is best and low brokerage process fees.




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  1. amit kumar says:

    u can also see zerodha site also very cheap and reliable firm from banglore

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  2. subhanka77 says:

    u should contact your broker/person who opened your demat account they will explain u each n every detail

    1. kiruba_pdm says:

      Thanks Subhabka,
      Could you explain please Buy/Sell share details .I can’t understand in the sbismart. i am able to invest monthly Rs.1000 in shares. how much commission when buying share or selling shares. The commission is based on per Shares or per 100 rupees.


      1. Satish193 says:

        Hi Kirubakaran,

        The commission depends upon whether you are opening account with full service broker or discount brokers. Sharekhan , IciciDirect are some examples of full service brokers and their brokerage depends upon amount you are investing.

        Zerodha, RKSV , Tradejini are examples of discount brokers who charge flat fee irrespective of the amount you invest.

        In your case from your statement , I feel that discount brokers will suit your need.

        Go through below link for more information.


        One addition from my side, Zerodha and RKSV dont have their own dp and have tie up with IIFL but Tradejini has their own dp who offer flat fee irrespective of amount you invest.

        Hope this helps,

  3. subhanka77 says:


  4. subhanka77 says:

    I use sbi demat account for trading, its quite simple to use
    account maintenance fee is Rs.350/-

    1. Hemanth says:

      can u please share the how much they are charging for brokerage ?

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