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I have 2 mediclaim policies. First one (corporate group mediclaim) requires co-pay of 10%. The other one (personal family floater) doesnt.

Can I submit claim to the 1st one and ask 2nd one to pay the “co-pay”?

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  1. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear No vacancy, please clear that 15K part. As far as I know under section 80D if you are paying prem. for a mediclaim poliocy, the same is eligible for Tax benefit under section 80D.

    If you meant for expenses incurred on medical treatments, the 15K limit is applicable for the medical allowances received from your employer under section 10.

    The Co-pay does not fall in any of these 2, hence you can’t claim any tax benefit on this.



  2. no vacancy says:

    OK. Can I claim Tax Benefit on this co-pay within the ambit of Medical Tax Exemption of 15K?
    If yes, then what do I need to submit to claim this tax benefit (as all original documents, receipts would be retained by the insurance company)?

  3. No , you cant .. you cant adjust things like that ..


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