Claim Papers File Not in the Office of General Insurer

POSTED BY cpdhutadmal ON March 9, 2012 1:15 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear All,

I have a very serious question to which i am finding a concrete answer. I work with a company where we are insured for Personal Accidents under a Group Insurance Cover. The company has hired services of a Agent for this matter. Recently, i had filed for a claim under the same. I have submitted all the documents to the HR of the company. and in turn HR has given this original file to the general insurance company agent. HR has a copy of receipt of the file from the Agent. Now the issue is when i tried calling the Agent in order to know the status of my claim, he says although he has submitted the documents to the company, the compnay authorities are saying that the file is missing or not found out by them. Agent says, they do not take receipt formally from the insurance company because its their regular activity and they are in the office most of the time. Although the Agent is trying hard to solve the issue, i am not convinced by agent’s explainations. Kindly inform who is at fault ? HR, AGENT, or COMPANY? how to solve this issue ? Is there any law / rule under IRDA to solve such cases ?. I have photocopies of all the documents submitted. What action can i take against the erring person ?

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  1. Dear cpdhutadmal, why are you not filing the claim with photo copies & along with the receipt provided by your HR people?



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