CIBIL WRITTEN-OFF, Cleared the bill, Bank Load needed next week.

POSTED BY Balasubramanyam V V ON August 9, 2012 12:51 pm COMMENTS (11)

Hi friends!     I had a SCB credit card which I thought I have cleared the balance & stopped using it.


2 and 1/2 years later, I applied for ICICI bank Credit Card and got rejected because of Bad CIBIL Score. 


I applied for CIBIL report and then I see 6500/- balance on my Credit Card. 

Then I called up the SCB Customer Care and found that some 1000/- was left over from 2010 June.  

Though they said they will give some 40% discount on the amount to be paid. I still paid the whole amount of 6500/- and got the no due certificate. 


This happened a month before.  


I requested for a new CIBIL Report and I stiill see that balace of 6500/- and my score is still 600. 


I raised a dispute in CIBIL Website and send a mail to SCB Customer care also. to update my Account Status and Balance amount.


I had only one Credit card, which I have hardly used and No Personal/Home/Car or any kind of loan till date. 

Now I am going for a Home loan next week. I am not sure what will happen. questions I have are:


–> How many more days CIBIL might take to resolve update my report and How much will the CIBIL score might be improved from 600. 


   Since, I don’t have any other Credit card/Loan account in CIBIL. Only one SCB Cancelled credit card. will it be around 750 


   Since, I have not done the payment of 1000/- for around 25 months, the score remains same?

–> Will bank look in to my whole CIBIL report and consider the No-Due and sanction the loan. or they reject directly by looking at my CIBIL Score.


I am in total dilemma, whats going to happen. 

Please sugguest me, what I can do to my home loan.

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  1. Balasubramanyam V V says:

    I was initially confident they will consider.. but these ICICI bank people have rejected my Credit Card last week and not ready to take any no dues.. though I had my salary account with them from past 3 years and couple FDs for 4.1 Lakh and an RD for 10K 🙁 So, I am bit worried.. lets see what happens..

    1. Dear Balasubramanyam, please do not lose heart. Credit card is an unsecured loan so bank has every right to satisfy your credit worthiness. On the other hand, Home Loan is a secured loan, so in that sense the risk of bank is very limited.

      Please have a look on SBI’s Max Gain’s product also for home loan needs.



  2. Balasubramanyam V V says:

    Thanks Ashal for the suggestion and Thanks again Manish..

  3. Yea . .ashal has given a good answer, please attach everything , meet with the bank manager and tell him your case , they consider it a lot of times as they understand the game 🙂

  4. Balasubramanyam V V says:

    will wait for the the score to get updated and go from there. .. thanks for your time & suggestions..

    1. Dear Bala, as you wrote, you ‘ll apply for home loan next week, it means you do not have time in your hand to improve your score. What’s the way out?

      Apply for the home loan, attach the copy of the CIBIL credit score you received before SCB payment & also the copy of No dues received from SCB. This ‘ll show your credit behavior in a positive shape & bank ‘ll surely process the loan after considering that No Dues Certificate from SCB & the reason of low score.



  5. Balasubramanyam V V says:

    thanks for the reply.. I will post my updated score in a month.

    and To Improve the score, I don’t have any Credit card or any loan. The only Credit card I had was from SCB, it got blocked/cancelled years back. I applied for ICICI card last month it got rejected because of CIBIL score.

    So, Will the score change, if I don’t do any transactions at all for an year?
    and any idea if the loan gets processed with No due certificate?

    1. Then do a Fixed deposit for Rs 20,000 and the company a “Secured Credit card” against that FD , that way they will issue it to you . Use that and improve your score over next 1 yr

  6. ok , so it was your mistake .

    While the bank has to make the changes and send the updated remark to CIBIL , it will not change the score from 600 to 750 directly . Note that Score is calculated on your past months data and you do not have a big repayment history . So this one action will not update it from 600 to 750 , may be upto 650 or a little more , How ever you need to check how much it gets increase

    I am just saying out of my understanding , start using the credit card per month and pay off your bills on time, only then the regular score will move up each month . Your score is dependent a lot on what you do each month !


  7. Balasubramanyam V V says:

    First of all. Thanks for the quick response. I saw many of your posts and they were all help full.

    Its not mistake from Bank. Its mistake from my side. I didn’t notice that 1000/- (auto debited to my phone bill) and left the city and stopped using the card.
    I have done the payment of 6500/- last month which is “balance left out 1000” + “interest for 2 1/2 years”.

    okay.. I will wait for another 15 days.
    But Do you think the Points will be improved from 600 to 750, once the account Status is cleared, As I don’t have any other dues/loans/cards?
    Will banks consider this No due certificate from SCB and process the loan(any chance)?

  8. It takes 45-60 days for a bank to update it to CIBIL , they dont update cibil on per user basis, they do it only on a fixed date with all the users , So you must wait for another 15-20 days atleast.

    How come 1,000 was left earliar ? You said you made payment for 100% money which was due and not a lower amount . If that is the case , then its a bank mistake and you should file a case with them . They have to remove the bad remark, in any case

    Sadly , you should not expect this to be completed by next week

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