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I see in CIBIL Report one credit card outstanding 3,10,000/INR on my credit history so I recall & realize I fail to pay 18,000 to Bank  due to some circumstance & now bank outstanding have 3,10,000 with written off status which is enough to mentally harrashment.

I took initative &  drop a mail to bank close this dispute. I rcvd a call from Bank executive & he give me option to Settlement but i denied settlement due to other user experience loan problem after settlement so i request to Bank to search a way to  0 outstanding with CIBIL Rectification after that bank purposed me solution to pay principle amount with 18% intrest will be 60,000 on 3 Installement.Bank stated after repaying they will reverse the balance outstanding on credit card account & arange to remove write off staus.

Let me know this solution help me  or not to resolve this dispute & which precaution i follow.Please refer to bank mail:


This is with reference to your   credit card number 4412 XXXX XXXX 000123
At present, your credit card account has been deactivated due to non receipt of payment according to the payment schedule. The credit card account has been blocked as Write-Off in our records.
As on date, the total outstanding balance is INR 310,618.82 on the credit card account.
Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) is monthly refresh and the data of customers are reported to CIBIL every month.
We understand that you have approached our bank representative for CIBIL rectification on your add-on credit card.
Further to your discussion with our bank representative, we understand you have agreed to pay the amount of INR. 60000/- in 3 installments for CIBIL Rectification.
After the repayment, we will arrange to reverse the balance outstanding on the credit card account. Further, we will arrange to remove the ‘write off’ status from your Credit Bureau Information India Ltd (CIBIL) records.
Please note that in case of any breach in the agreed terms and conditions, the above deal will stand cancelled on the credit card

Assuring you of our best services.


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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Bansal,

    The negative balance of Rs.6,434 indicates that this is the excess amount you have repaid against this account. Also as per the bank’s letter mentioned by you earlier, the written off remark should have been removed from your credit report.


  2. VIPIN BANSAL says:


    After making a payment & waiting for 2 month,I get again CIBIL Report & seems some improvement on my credit score here surprise are:
    Now reported effected credit card cibil report:

    Credit Limit –
    High Credit-36,784
    Current Balance -6434
    Amount Overdue –
    Written Off Status-Written off

    Written off & Negative Balance I don’t understand .Please ellobrate

  3. Dear Vipin, in that case, you may go ahead with the proposed settlement with your bank.

    Please also check with your bank, what ‘ll happen to DPD (Days past dues) status in your CIBIL report?



  4. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Bansal,

    The bank has confirmed the removal of the “written – off” status from your report, but the mail does not provide much clarity on the “settled” remark. We would suggest that you reconfirm the status that will appear against this account post the payment (i.e closed without any settled status or closed with a settled status)


    1. VIPIN BANSAL says:

      I discuss with Bank,According to Bank they already mentioned they arrange to reverse the balance outstanding on the credit card account & also approach for cibil rectification so it’s closed without any settled status.

      They confirm me after releasing payment they provide me 0 outstanding statement

  5. Dear Vipin, from your query, what I understand is, your status ‘ll change from written off to settled. Again it’s not a god thing from CIBIL score & reporting point of view. Please make it confirm from the bank, what ‘ll be the final status in CIBIL? ‘ll it be clean or ‘ll it be settled?



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